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Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Jodhpur

We are a leading manufacturer of shot blasting machines based in Jodhpur, specializing in providing customized equipment for special applications.

Our Brief History, Goals & Motivation


Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Jodhpur

Yes, Aerowheel offers its customers customization options. For example, our Airless Tunnel Type Machines can be developed with a varying number of wheels to suit the requirements of our clients.

In addition to supplying machines, we provide a range of spare parts and services. Our responsibility does not end with the supply of machines; we offer expert assistance and machines at affordable prices. With spare parts for all our equipment, you only need to deal with one vendor for all your blasting needs.

Choosing the right shot blasting machine manufacturer requires careful consideration of several factors. Key aspects to evaluate include the manufacturer’s expertise and experience, range of products and customization capabilities, adherence to quality standards, technology and innovation, after-sales support and service offerings, client references and testimonials, and overall value for money.

Yes, several shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jodhpur offer customization options. They understand that different industries and applications have unique requirements and are capable of tailoring their machines to meet specific needs, whether it’s modifications to size, configuration, or additional features.

After-sales support and service are crucial factors to consider when choosing a shot blasting machine manufacturer. Shot blasting machines require regular maintenance and occasional repairs, and a manufacturer that provides prompt technical assistance, spare parts availability, and on-site support can ensure minimal downtime and optimal machine performance.

Jodhpur's Leading Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Experience precision and durability with Aerowheel’s innovative shot blasting machines. Designed for optimal performance, cleaning, and surface preparation.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India
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Aerowheel rests on the pillars of Innovation, Teamwork and Flexibility


We encourage and support an atmosphere of innovation and future development to ensure the company’s future. Our machines are kept compatible with the fast pace of changing technology and innovation.



We work as a team to deliver the best to our clients in an effective time frame, regardless of the level of work within the company.



We constantly work to improve efficiency and ensure our machines can adapt to changing requirements and technologies.


Providing Solutions from Start to End

With accurate dimensions and sound designs, our machines match the requirements of every sector and industry. We ensure an optimum life for the products we deliver.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Jodhpur

Some of Our Projects


Our impressive portfolio of installations is built on decades of experience, serving leading agricultural, heavy equipment, automotive, defense, and green energy sectors globally.


Company History, Present, and Future

Aerowheel strives to enhance productivity while complying with international quality standards, aiming for an unmatched global presence. With offices and support across the globe, we provide superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions worldwide, offering complete care for the lifetime of your equipment.

Brief history

With consistent efforts and perseverance, we have managed to build our undistinguished image in the list of Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India. We manufacture and export premium quality Sand Blasting Machines and Portable Shot Blasting Machines.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Our Solutions for Industries

We serve various industries globally with our unique and sustainable portable shot blasting equipment, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, energy, foundry, and forge sectors, tailored to match specific requirements.

At Aerowheel Surface Finishing, we believe in maintaining flexibility and durability in our products and services, envisioning expanding our horizon into the global market with standards that foster recognition. Explore



Our impressive portfolio of peening, cleaning, and deburring installations is built on decades of experience…


Leading agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturers rely on our equipment for their surface preparation needs.


We are a leading supplier of metal finishing and peening equipment to global OEMs and automotive manufacturers.

Defense & Military

Aerowheel has been a preferred supplier to the defense industry around the globe, as well as the United States Armed Forces.

Energy & Power

The “green-energy” sector is a growing part of our business and a strong focus. Power plants, turbines, and windmills…

Foundry & Forge

With a large global installation base, we manufacture a variety of solutions exclusively designed for foundry and forging applications.

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